Welcome to SmartTest Gadgetium. We are introducing new web gadget for education industry. The web gadget helps students or test takers learn and test in adaptive environment approach and help teacher or test makers create and analyze test materials.


  • Fast Learning
  • The web gadget help student to take test with a step by step difficulty. The student can take shortcut to learn only the subject they fail to answers(learning material is not included).
  • Build Confidence
  • The web gadget helps students and test takers know their capability (or limit) by comparing the test result. The test taker will build up confidence by successfully answering a difficult question (rated by community).

Web Gadget

As a web gadget, this test engine is supposed to be hosted and compatible in any environment. Currently it is designed as google gadget. Windows gadget users and Mac widget users may have compatibility problem to use it. Please contact contribs@gadgetium.com to support us.

The Content

The content and sample test in this gadget are contributed by community. If you want to improve the content, please contribute (use the contribute link on the web gadget).

Use Term

This version of web gadget is free for non commercial-use.